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Volunteering/Ser Voluntario

Vaughn  believes that student achievement increases when parents are involved in their children's education. Involvement should include a direct, hands-on approach with their kids' learning process, helping with homework, volunteering in their classroom, and working for the benefit of the school itself such as being a part of the Parent Teacher Fundraising Committee, Accountability, and PBiS.  At Vaughn parents are welcome and encouraged to be an active volunteer.  



To ensure that our volunteers enhance the safety, security, well-being and success of our students, the Security department is now registering all volunteers and providing them with ID badges.  In addition, a background check is performed on each volunteer.  If the volunteer is committing to only a one-time event, he or she will simply need to register at the front office of the school or site. 

To register, volunteers will need to complete the following:

1. Any person wishing to serve as a volunteer with the district must complete the volunteer request form and have the form signed by the principal or designee.  Please note that the Security department will need to have this form before the volunteer process can begin.

2. Schools should fax or e-mail request forms to Amber Tabar or Tudy Wicks in the Security Department.

3.  After the volunteer form has been sent to security, prospective volunteers will need to schedule an appointment with security within seven business days to review the application and the results of a criminal background check.  

4.  If the prospective volunteer does not schedule a follow up with the security department to obtain a volunteer badge within 7 days of the date the form is received, the form will be stamped “void”, sent back to the school and the volunteer will not be allowed to volunteer in your building.  

Complete a volunteer registration form,Volunteer Form Eng. 14-15.

The Security office map

5. Report to the front office at the school their child attends for scheduling and assignment of duties.


Ser Voluntario

Para asegurar que los voluntarios aumentan a la seguridad, el bien estad y exito de nuestros alumnos, el departamento de seguridad esta registrando a los voluntarios y proveendoles con una identifacion.  En adicion, una verificacion de antecedentes se realiza a cada voluntario.  Si el voluntario solamente va cometerse un solo vez, el o ella solamente necesita registrarse en la oficina de la escuela.

Para registrarse como voluntario lo siguiente se necesita realizar:

1.  Cualquier persona queriendo ser voluntario para el distrito necesita completar un solicitud y tenerlo firmado por el director de la escuela.  Por favor tome en cuenta que el departamento de Seguridad va necesitar las formas en requeridas antes de poder servir como voluntario. 

2. Las escuelas necesitan mandar las formas por fax or correo electronica a  Amber Tabar or Tudy Wicks en el departamento de Seguridad.

3.  Despues que se mandan las formas al departamento de Seguridad, la persona queriendo ser voluntario necesita ser una cita con el departamento de Seguridad plazo de siete dias para revisar la aplicacion y los resultados de la Verificacion de Antecedentes.    

4.  Si la persona queriendo ser voluntario no hace cita con el departamento de Seguridad para obtener su Identifacion dentro de los siete dias que la forma fue recibido con el departamento de Serguridad su forma se anulara y no podra ser voluntario.  

Complete la siguiente forma:  Voluntario Forma ESPANOL 14-15 y lleveselo a la escuela donde quiere ser voluntario para empezar el preceso.

3.  Vez a la Oficina de Seguridad para recibir us identificacion. 

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