Parent and Community Involvement


Minnie Pescador, Family Liaison

mmpesca[email protected]

303-366-8430 ext. 24233

My name is Minnie Pescador and I am the Family Liaison here at Vaughn Elementary. Welcome to Vaughn and all it has to offer. In addition to being the Family Liaison I am also the After school COMPASS Program Coordinator. My main goal is to enlighten you all to the fact that you are your child's first teacher and as such your involvement in your child's school is crucial to guarantee student success. With that I encourage you all to dedicate at least one hour of your time quarterly to come to school and volunteer, attend a parent coffee, workshop or event that we have here at Vaughn. Parents are our partners in a child's education. We can't do it without you! Studies show that parent involvement has a significant impact on student achievement. You as parents are an important part of the success of Vaughn students. There are many opportunities to get involved; become a volunteer in our library, join the PTO board, join the school advisory committee (SAAC), or volunteer your time to support a teacher in class rooms. Your input as parents will help to continuously improve our school. Building a relationship with all our families is a priority at Vaughn because together we can make a difference.

Every year we get feedback from you the families as to what you would like us to focus on in our parent coffees/workshops so you can support your children at home. From last year's feedback math and healthy mental states of students/behavior were of top concern. With that in mind be on the look out for workshops focusing on those topics. Here is a bit of what I do to help our families here at Vaughn:

  • Bridge between parents, administrators, teachers and staff
  • Information on resources for food, clothing, housing, utility support, school supplies, health and mental health well being
  • Interpret and translate for families who speak Spanish
  • COMPASS after school Program Coordinator
  • Advocate for families to ensure they are being hear and that their needs are met
  • Coordinate parenting classes, parent coffees, PTO meetings, and SAAC meetings
  • Home visits and phone calls for attendance, behavior, resource information and support
  • Support with scheduling meetings with teachers for various reasons

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to meet with me.

Ms. Minnie